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2018 Spring Recreational Season

Week 1

Division: T Ball
Team: Purple Crystals
Player: Avery Jaimeson

"Avery Jaimeson is the player of the week for the Tball Purple Crystals. Avery pushed through not feeling well, opening ceremonies and played her hardest at her first game!! She really showed courage and bravery when she could have gone home. So proud of her!!" 

Division: 7U
Team: Humm Babies
Player: Aylin Espinoza

"Player of the game this week for the Hum Babies was Aylin. She went 1-2 with a go ahead 2 out of 2 run double off the pitcher… That started a 4 run inning for the Humm Babies.  Great game Aylin, keep up the good work."

Division: 8U
Team: Mavericks
Player: Lucia Pauli

"Lucia Pauli is a wonderful team mate, a hard worker and a wonderful listener. Each day she attends practice with a smile and a heart opened to learn. In each and every drill, she attempts to execute the proper technique and works so hard to serve our team with her effort and attitude.

In our first game of the year, a lined shot was hit up the middle to Lucia's middle infield position. With two outs and runners at the corners, Lucia dove to the dirt, scooped up the ball and with incredible situational awareness, tagged second base.

Lucia is extremely valuable to our team and she represents all that is good about the LGSA.- Attitude and Effort"

Division: 9U
Team: Livermore Crush
Player: Gabby Brazil

"The Player of the week for the Livermore Crush is Gabby Brazil.  Gabby pitched two innings and had 6 strikeouts, only allowing a few runners on base.  Gabby also reached base at all at bats including having two hits.  Gabby’s performance comes just after losing her Grandmother, Rachel, less than a month ago.  Rachel was Gabby’s biggest fan and attended all of her games.  The performance by Gabby Brazil for the first game after losing her grandmother was extremely inspirational!  Great game Gabby and put that game ball next to all the other ones!"

Division: 10U
Team: Riptide
Player: Dana Beardslee

"Dana Beardslee did a fantastic job in our last contest and her growth over the past month has been incredible.

Dana attends practice and pushes herself to give the best that she can each and every day. She is learning quickly and in our last game, she earned a base hit and added great value with her speedy base running. 

In addition to her work with the bat, Dana played short stop and made several plays from deep in the hole to first base. As a staff, we are very proud of the way that Dana is working and improving. She is constantly learning and is an excellent teammate. She is kind and treats others with respect and dignity. She is a fine representative of our league."